Our Board and Volunteer Committees are always growing as our events and projects expand.

We are currently looking to engage 2-3 new board members. In particular, we are looking for individuals that have legal, fundraising and construction/building maintenance experience to join us and to bring their skills to the Conservancy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like additional information regarding these roles.
We are also always on the look-out for dedicated individuals to join our Volunteer Committees in areas such as event planning and organizing, building construction and maintenance, grounds keeping, and more.
Please visit How to Help to fill out a volunteer form to let us know you would like to share your skills and talents.


President: Richard Tunstall
Treasurer: Tammie Crayne
Directors: Bill Lamond, John Thorpe
Project Manager: Ella Haley


Building Inclusive Rural Communities

Migrant Worker Outreach: Barb Carpio, Eliseo Martell, Michelle Tew, Don Wells
Community Garden: Joan Campbell, Richard Tunstall
Seniors Outreach: Richard Tunstall
Eco-tourism: Bill Lamond (Nature walks), Richard Tunstall

Building and Renovations Committee: Rodger Morgan, Richard Tunstall

Fundraising Committee: Ella Haley, Richard Tunstall