There are many ways to help at Langford Conservancy. We have ongoing Volunteer Committees for our long term projects, like the Schoolhouse. We also hold multiple, one-day events and fundraisers throughout the year. Last but not least, we are looking for in-kind donations for the Schoolhouse and the organization. We love new ideas, collaborations, and we are interested in forming partnerships with other like-minded community-based organizations. Please contact us for more information about partnerships.
We are always looking for people passionate about preserving farmland and revitalizing the Langford Schoolhouse as a community hub. If you feel are interested in getting involved, and support our mission, vision, and values, please sign up to volunteer or
The Langford Conservancy hosts events and we undertake projects on a regular basis.
We are looking for people with the following skills:
● Renovations, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and operating a backhoe
We are working to make the Schoolhouse fully accessible to all our neighbours!
● Fundraising and marketing. We are always looking for ways to spread our story and to help raise funds to accomplish our projects
● Legal and accounting
● Grounds maintenance. We welcome volunteers to help with caring for the grounds, and the community garden.
● Special event assistance. If you can’t make a long term commitment, but you want to attend and help at one of our events,please contact us. In particular, we welcome volunteers for our annual SOS Fest in late August.
● Photography: for special events and of the Langford Schoolhouse grounds.

In addition to volunteer hours, we are looking for in-kind donations like:
● Kitchen tools and appliances for our certified kitchen
● Folding tables and chairs for events
● Building materials for our accessibility project (e.g. wood for the ramp, bathroom fixtures, commercial kitchen sinks, drywall, sound insulation and paint)
Please contact us for a more detailed list.

Charitable tax receipts may be available for certain items.

Please see volunteer information document for a more detailed list and fill out our volunteer form to hear more and to join us. We also recommend you check out our Board and Volunteer Committees page.