photo langford schoolhouse

Location: 1694 Colborne St E, Brantford ON

For over 75 years, the Langford Schoolhouse educated generations of children in the Langford community. The first school was built in the early 1870s, one of several one-room schoolhouses that were built in the area to support the growing community surrounding Brantford. The original building was destroyed in a fire, but was rebuilt in 1896.

In 1964, the school transitioned into a community centre, but the children left their mark. Their names remain etched into the building itself.

The Langford Conservancy formed informally in 2010, taking over the care of the Langford Schoolhouse. The Langford Conservancy incorporated in 2012, continuing the vision of the past 140 years – to run the space as a community hub. The Langford Schoolhouse is used for a variety of events and activities such as workshops, conferences, business retreats, dances, feasts, festivals, showers, weddings as well as other family and community celebrations. For information about hosting your event at this wonderful venue visit Schoolhouse Rentals.