For rentals which will have alcohol either being served or given as gifts at your event, please refer to our Alcohol Permitted Rental Policy

To book the Schoolhouse for an event with alcohol permitted, first review the Terms and Conditions below, then contact us to check on availability for your preferred date(s), download and print the Rental Agreement, then send us the signed agreement and payment as outlined in the Rental Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Renter(s) must be 18 years of age or older and must be in attendance on site for the entire time.
  2. DEPOSIT: At the time of application, a non-refundable $25 Booking Deposit and a $75.00 refundable Cleaning Fee is required. The Cleaning Fee will be refunded after the event after we check to see that the Schoolhouse is clean, no garbage (including washroom garbage) or recycling if left on the premises (including cigarette butts on the grounds), and that there is no damage to the building or paint surfaces.
  3. PAYMENT: The Rental Fee is due in full 7 days prior to the event. Our preferred method of payment is e transfer (Send to:  We also accept cash or cheque. Make cheques payable to: Langford Conservancy. Our Mailing address: Langford Conservancy, 27 Ronald Rd., Brantford ON N3T 5M1
  4. CANCELLATION: For a single date rental the Renter may terminate the rental agreement without penalty if notice is received by Langford Conservancy 14 days prior to the rental date. Multiple Date Event Rentals may cancel any date(s) without penalty if written notice is received 14 days in advance. With shorter notice we are unlikely to be able to re-book the facility. Note: The Booking  Deposit ($28.25) is non-refundable.
  5. SET-UP: The Renter shall contact the Ella (226-802-2801) to review the setup requirements.
  6. The Schoolhouse is yours for the day. Options: If you would like to set up the night before and if the Schoolhouse is available, we charge $75. If you want to clean up the day after your event, and if the Schoolhouse is available, we charge $75.
  7. PERMITS/LICENSES: Non-licensed gambling or gaming activities are not permitted (e.g. Raffles, 50/50 Draws, Crown and Anchor, arm’s length of tickets). A license is required if you are selling raffle tickets to see if you have the lucky number/win prizes. Contact the County of Brant to obtain whatever license(s) you might require.
  8. SPECIAL APPARATUS: The Renter shall not use any special apparatus such as – but not limited to: smoke machines, bouncing castles, tents, and scissor lifts/skyjacks, etc.  – without the prior approval of the Langford Conservancy. Any additional requirements for the use of such apparatus (, CSA approval, building permits) must be agreed upon and obtained in advance, and followed by the Renter.
  9. SAFETY: The Renter agrees to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the event is carried on in a safe and orderly manner to ensure the safety of all people attending or working at the event.
  10. The Renter shall comply with the facility’s FIRE SAFETY PLAN as follows:
    ➢ Make note of all locations of Fire Pull stations and Fire Extinguishers.
    ➢ Make note of all fire exits.
    DO NOT BLOCK EXITS. All exits must be kept clear at all times. Fire regulation clearance is 3’6” for all doors.
    ➢ Candles are permitted only if they are used on a birthday cake or fully enclosed in a non-flammable container such as a hurricane glass. The Renter shall ensure that candles are not left unattended.
  11. WASTE AND CLEAN-UP: The Langford Conservancy is dedicated to reducing waste. The Renter agrees to take all garbage/recycling/compost away after the rental, including from the washrooms and follow the cleaning guidelines provided prior to completion of the rental time.
  12. The Langford Schoolhouse is smoke free. Please do not let your guests throw cigarette butts on the grounds. There is a metal can located just outside the front door. To avoid losing your Cleaning Fee, please clean the metal can and pick up any cigarette butts on our grounds.
  13. DECORATIONS: No tape or tacks are permitted on the painted surfaces or the blackboard. Please do not suspend items from the ceiling, including piñatas.
  14. No rice, confetti, decorative sparkles or glitter is not permitted in the Schoolhouse.
  15. The Renter shall not decorate the facility unless they have prior approval by the Langford Conservancy. Helium balloons are Not permitted. The Renter may not use tacks, screws or other types of tape to affix objects to walls, chalkboards, windows, floors, doors, tables, chairs and ceilings. Tape may not be used on the floors. Please remove all decorations at the end of the event.
  16. CLEARING THE FACILITY: No music, whether recorded or performed is permitted after 1:00 AM. Please ensure the facility is cleared of guests by 1:30 AM, with the exception of event organizers who are permitted to remain for clean-up purposes until 2:00 AM.
  17. IMPORTANT DETAILS: The Renter is responsible for the cost of repairing any damage to painted surfaces, property, buildings, furnishings, supplies or equipment.
  18. Langford Conservancy assumes no responsibility for personal injury or damage or for lost or stolen articles of the permit holder, or anyone attending the function.
  19. The Renter agrees to observe, comply with, and enforce all requirements of insurance, permit(s) and related documents, and all Rules, Regulations and Bylaws of the Langford Conservancy, as well as Provincial or Federal regulations, including, but not limited to matters affecting sanitation, health, fire prevention, safety, noise and crowd control.
  20. Failure to comply with the Rental Agreement may result in the event being shut down and loss of future rental privileges.